5 Simple Steps To Create Unique SEO-Friendly Articles

5 Simple Steps To Create Unique SEO-Friendly Articles

Wondering how to create articles that rank on top of Search Engines like Google? Well, then this article might be just right for you! Here we'll discuss five short and easy steps that will surely help you to create SEO friendly articles without you having to do any hardcore On-page SEO. So let's begin...

Step 1-

Keyword Research for the Right Niche

The very first step towards creating unique articles is choosing the right niche to work on. You could choose any niche depending on your interest or hobbies, but the only thing you should be concerned here is the competition the particular niche already has. The more the competition, the harder it is for you to rank.
Once you've chosen the right niche for your articles, now it's time to target keywords for it to rank. Choose your keywords wisely, as there may be hundreds of articles targetting the same keyword as you do. So research a bit for your content.

Step 2-

Planning Content and Deciding Keyword Density

Now at this stage, you'll have to plan the actual content size. By content size I mean the word count, the number of headings, subheadings, etc. Now again this depends on the type of article you're writing. If it's a how-to-guide like this one, try to make it as detailed as possible with every step so that your viewers could get the maximum out of your content.
Now coming to the keyword density, for those of you who don't know it, it's actually the number of times your targeted keyword is used in your article. Ideally, it should be around 10 to 15 per cent. Let's make this more clear with the help of an example. Let's say you're writing an article about cakes in about 1000 words and targeting the keyword "vanilla cake", then your article should at least have vanilla cake mentioned 100 times throughout the content making the keyword density to 10 per cent. Hope this example made it more clear, so let's move to the next step.

Step 3-

Choose Appropriate Images and Rectify any Grammatical Errors

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to writing articles. Even if your article has the most unique content in the world, it won't rank anywhere near to the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) if it's poorly written with many grammatical errors. So trust me when I say Search Engines take grammatical errors real serious.
Now a thought will pop your mind, we are all humans after all and grammatical error is something that could happen to the best of us right? So what's the solution for this? Well, then my best suggestion would be the use of grammatical tools which can scan your content and rectify your grammatical errors. Another main point is to make sure the use of high-quality images. Images make your content more attractive adding great value to your readers. Use infographics to display statistics and facts to support your point.

Step 4-

Adding Meta Description & Engaging with your Audience

Meta description describes your entire content of the article in a short synopsis. This makes it easier for the user to understand what they can expect in your article. Meta descriptions hold a lot of importance from the SEO point of view as Search Engines can rank your content for appropriate search phrases described in your description.
Another point here is to try to connect and engage with your audience as much as possible. Before you start with your actual article try to always add a short paragraph at the start describing the purpose of the article and the type of audience who could benefit from it. Try to provide simple and easy real-life examples, this will help the users to relate to your content in a better way.

Step 5-

Writing Actual Content

Now before you sit down to write actual content just do a little research about the topic and try to add as much value to your content as possible. Try to keep it brief and to the point, remember this is an actual article, not a story which you're writing. The actual idea of the content should be clear and reachable to the audience.
keeping the content simple and brief will keep the audience engaged with you for a long time most probably till the end of the entire article. So that's it congratulations! You've created yourself a unique piece of content.
Rutvij Hadap

Tech enthusiast, trying my level best to make people understand today's technology in the easiest and the most appealing way possible.


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