Internet Of Things (IOT)

What is Internet Of Things?

Internet Of Things which is commonly called as IOT is basically an network of devices which are connected to one another via Internet and communications occur between these devices based on internet. The physical devices could be anything ranging from smartphones, laptops to various sensors and other devices basically anything that can feature an IP address for internet connectivity.

●How does IOT works?

So now that we have known what is IOT so lets now learn how does it work and what are some of its basic applications. Devices that have built in sensors are connected to IOT platforms which store data from all the connected devices. The data is then used for various purposes as per our convinience.

The entire data is stored in IOT platform, the devices carefully select only the particular data that is relevant to execute an action. Iot applications works with smart systems that automate certain tasks.

Applications of IOT

Well IOT has a wide variety of applications possibly in every field more than we can think of, so lets discuss some of them in brief..

Smart Homes:

Smart home is one of everyones dream come true. Imagine controlling your house's temperature, lighting and other essentials like opening and closing windows etc with just a tap of the button using your smartphone. Iot application allows you to just do all of this at your own convinience. This turns your regular house into a smart house, so that you can just sit back and relax while the technology works for you.

Smart Wearables:

Now all of us have heard of this these devices are basically fitness trackers, smart watches etc. what makes these devices really smart is the seamless connectivity they offer us even cross platform support for most of them. These devices connect to the internet and to provide you with accurate data as per your needs. These devices are meant to use various sensors to detect and record data and give you the right information after analysis and that is how Iot works.

Driverless Cars:

Driverless cars are still under dvelopment in its initial stage but rapidly progressing. These cars dont have drivers but technology like sensors, cloud architechture, maps, gyroscopes, and internet with massive data about traffic, roads, potholes, speedbreakers and what not.All these sensors and tools are part of Iot platform. So lets see how this technology can change our travelling experience in the near future.

Scope of IOT in future

Iot devices are becoming an integral part of our mainstream electronics culture and people are adopting smart devices into their homes faster than ever. As far for the upcoming year by 2020, it is estimated that there will be upto 21 billion connected devices to the internet. Iot devices will be playing a huge role in how we interact with basic everyday objects. The future is getting smarter day by day by ever evolving technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Rutvij Hadap

Tech enthusiast, trying my level best to make people understand today's technology in the easiest and the most appealing way possible.


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