About Us

Technology is becoming one of the vital parts of our lives and hence it's becoming our need rather than a choice to understand how things work. But where to start with, because most of the content online tries to give you in-depth knowledge on the subject rather than building a clear understanding of the topic.

           So keeping that in mind our goal is to explain technology at it's the simplest form which could be understood by anyone whether they are industry personnel or common people.

      Apart from this we also write reviews on smartphones and some articles on recent tech news. For any suggestions or queries feel free to contact us.

Meet The Core Team

  • Rutvij Hadap -
Founder And CEO

     Young entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast trying to connect people with technology.

  • Jasnil Pramod-
Co-founder And Project Developer

              Enthusiastically working on project management.

  • Atharva Kulkarni-
Vice-President And Digital Marketing Head

                 A creative and unique brain behind every project.