Samsung Galaxy Z Flip | Are flip phones back with a twist?

          Samsung has always been keen to shift to an era of folding smartphones and hence again here we have it a completely redesigned folding smartphone from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a flip-phone which can be folded from top to bottom just like the phones we used to have in earlier years of the mobile industry. But wait, are you wondering how can this smartphone be folded in such a way having this glass display at the front. Well then, let's have a look at the technology used in this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

          The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a flagship-grade phone and hence the specifications are no doubt the best you can get. Starting with the processor, Galaxy Z Flip comes with a snapdragon 855+ which is an amazing 7nm chipset from Qualcomm and has superior performance on offer coupled with Adreno 640 GPU. Now coming to the OS, Galaxy Z Flip comes with Android 10 out of the box with a One UI skin at the top. The phone comes with 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage and 8Gb of RAM, which is again something to be expected from a flagship device. Now let us talk about the cameras, the Galaxy Z Flip supports a dual-lens at the rear, the main lens is a 12MP sensor with f1.8 aperture with OIS and the second one being a 12MP wide-angle lens with f2.2 aperture. The front camera is a single 10MP lens with an f2.4 aperture. The entire hardware runs on a 3300 mAh battery which seems to be a little less for a flagship device but let's see how well it hold all day long. The phone supports wireless charging which means that you can just lay down your phone on a charging pad and wait for it to charge up which is again, something to be expected from a flagship device.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

          Yes, you've guessed it right, the main highlight of this phone is nothing else but the folding display. Samsung calls this display "Ultra-Thin Display" or "Infinity Flex Display". This is an actual glass display, not a plastic one which was seen in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung is surely evolving from its past phones and getting better at it. This time instead of a regular-sized phone being unfolded to become a tablet, it is a regular-sized phone folded to become small.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

          The phone has a small secondary display for notification alert and displaying the time. Another use of this display is to click selfies using the main camera. But this feature doesn't seem to be quite convincing as the secondary display is quite small and it's difficult to capture a photo just by seeing on it. It could've been much better if the display was a little larger than what it is, but again it would've drained the 3300 mAh battery pretty quickly. Another thing worth mentioning is that the crease is quite noticeable when you're interacting with the device, it's not like what it will usually feel with a solid glass display and that is quite obvious.

Pricing and Availability:

          The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was officially announced on 12th February 2020 and went on sale just two days later on 14th Feb. Yes, this means that you can buy this phone right now globally. The phone is priced at around $1400 which converts to around 1lakh INR, which is surely on a bit expensive side. 
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