The Smartphone you have never imagined before...

The Mi Mix series is used by Xiaomi for experimenting with phones and new features. The Mi Mix 1 was one of the early phone to implement the bezel less display to maximize screen to body ratio. This time Xiaomi have released the Mi Mix Alpha with a screen to body ratio of 180%. The Mi Mix Alpha has flexible screen that goes all the way around the screen to the back. Samsung Galaxy fold was an inovative move from Samsung with a glimpse to the future but Xiaomi has gone a different route.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was lauched in China on Tuesday and was a new take on display tech.This device is almost all screen front and back with some minimal bezel on top and bottom. The strip at the back of the phone is the only part not covered by screen because it accommodates the rear camera sensors. It will use AI to identify which part of the screen you are looking at and only light up that side.

This phone lacks any kind of physical side button and will have pressure sensitive display on the side. The ear piece will also be replaced along with the proximity sensor. Sadly there will be no option for a front camera.

The specs on this phone is absolutely flagship grade. It will be power by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ with 12 GB of RAM. The rear camera is a 108MP sensor along with a 20MP wide angle and a 12MP for portrait. The display will be a 7.92 inch OLED with a screen resolution of 2088x2250 pixels. It will have a battery capacity of 4050mAh paired with a 40W charger.

This phone will be available in China mid December and will be priced at CNY 19,999 which converts to Rs.2,00,000. Xiaomi says this is only a concept phone and will only be produced in limited number. Although this is another inovative route Xiaomi has takes and who knows what the future holds for us.

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