Jio Gigafiber plans were announced and it was a let down.

Jio announced Gigafiber a while ago promising 1 Gbps plans for a really cheap price. It will using optic fiber cables for the gigabit connection. Jio already had started testing this service in some selected cities a year ago and now they have over 15 million registrations but now they have released their Gigafiber plans and it is a little underwhelming.

There are a total 5 plans which are listed. And it starts with Rs.699 with the Bronze plan this despite being the cheapest plan offers a speed of 100 Mbps but the data consumption will be caped at 100 GB which is a little lower than expected and after the data cap the speed will be down to 1 Mbps. There is some additional extra data along with there plans but they are only part of the initial released and will be removed after the initial run.

The most expensive plan is the Titanium plan which is for Rs.8,499 with a FUP limit of 5 TB. This will be suitable if you are running a company and want a common ISP connection. An important thing to note is that the prices do not include GTS so you will be paying a little more than listed price. These plans may look good on paper but you will probably find a better deal with you local ISP. So I highly recommend checking out with your local providers before you opt into Jio Gigafiber.

Besides these there are annual plans which gives you some added gifts and offers to chose from like a Bluetooth speaker or doubling your data. A 4K set-top box will also be provided. You will be getting many other services like a cable connection and a landline connection with cheap ISD calling but the details on that are not clear yet. So the Jio Gigafiber is not as revolutionary as like the Jio SIM service which changed the industry in a whole. But might be worth checking out if you find noting better.

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