OnePlus TV is here !

OnePlus will name it's TV based
upon famous south Indian dish DOSA

In the coming month OnePlus is going to launch it's TV which will be based upon andriod 
but it will come with some additional features rather than other andriod  TV present in the 
market. Ahead of the launch number of details are available some through leaks and some 
of them confirmed by OnePlus
Here is what all you need to know about OnePlus TV


  • ➧  OnePlus TV is going to  launch in coming September and possibly go on sale in India in the first half of October.
  • ➧ OnePlus  has  confirmed  that the TV will support Dolby audio and that it will use a faster and smoother version of Android TV.

  • ➧ On social media handle OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus TV will come with a 55-inch screen and that it will use QLED technology.

In the last two weeks, a lot has been revealed about the OnePlus TV. And this time, it's genuinely a lot. And have reveled the logo of the product to talking about some of the headlining features of the TV, OnePlus hasn't left much to the imagination. 1+ CEO Pete Lau even went on to say that the OnePlus TV will be good looking. And this is the reason why we are still in the dark as nobody has till now shown a photo of the OnePlus TV. As Pete Lau probably couldn't hold himself and has now shared an official photo of the TV.
On the social media channel,  OnePlus CEO has shared two photos of the OnePlus TV being packaged at the factory. And the special thing about it is that the photos Lau shared on Twitter show the first OnePlus TV being packaged at the factory. And well we can see a lot of the OnePlus TV for the first time in the flesh. Wonder how it looks? The pictures, show that it seems like any other premium TV.

Pete Lau in an interview shared that OnePlus is only bringing the 55-inch model to the Indian market first, therefore following the one-market-one-model strategy for the time being. The photo below displays it in all its glory - a massive TV with a big screen and very narrow bezels all around.  In first glance, it looks similar to any other premium smart TV.

According to the leaks reports say that the OnePlus TV will run on the Android TV 9 operating system and the OnePlus will be powered by Mediatek MT5670 processor and Mali G51 GPU for normal tasks .The TV will come with huge 55inch QLED display which is slightly lower than the regular QLED display but not by that,according to the OnePlus they have used QLED for cost cutting of the TV , the display will have 1920 x 1080p resolution and OnePlus said that it will run on 1080p in menu screen and display will support 4K resolution.

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