Helping Aid for Corona Virus!

Nvidia's calling on gaming PC owners to put their systems to work fighting CORONAVIRUS

If you have a gaming PC, you can lend your graphics card power to fight the COVID-19 outbreak,
that's the last thing  I ever thought writing about, but things are changing quite drastically 
and 2020 is turning ahead around due to the corona pandemic attack in India.

Nvidia's is calling out all the PC gamers everywhere to download the Folding@home application  
and start putting their spare clock cycles towards advancing humanity's scientific knowledge of coronavirus.
The program has generated a link into the international networks which uses the distributed processing power and also links massive computer networks and the GPU's are quite good at those things. You can still turn the application off and reclaim your GPU's full power and play the game whenever you want 

 twitter tweet by nvidia

These projects could help researchers better understand coronavirus, and eventually even develop effective therapist against it. If you've been grappling with feeling and helplessness
in the face of the worldwide outbreak, this is a small but real way you can lead your aid to the world without any medical experience. It also doesn't hurt that you don't need to leave your house to do it since we're supposed to avoid it that much as possible ways. 

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