Vivo NEX 3 5G was teased with screen to body ratio of 99.6%.

Vivo was pretty big name in the  last few year due to their research and development in the pop up camera technology. They are surely not afraid of experimenting with their phones. Well now they have come up with a succesor to the NEX series with the Vivo NEX 3. This phone is rumored to have a screen to body ratio of 99.6%.

We have seen the screen to body ratio of phone decrease with time with bezel less screen being a must among todays phones but a 99.6% screen to body ratio is taking things to an extreme. This phone catches the eye due to its edge to edge curve waterfall display. This is not the normal curve display you will find in Samsung's S series or in the OnePlus 7 pro. The edges here are very deep in comparison and  looks really good.

Due to the the huge waterfall display the phone does not have any physical buttons and instead has virtual button with haptic feedback. But there is a secondary power button up top if you are not comfortable with the haptic feedback one. It is rumored to have flagship specs with a 7 nm Snapdragon 855 and a 64 MP Samsung GD1 as the primary sensor. It is having a triple camera setup going for it  and the front camera being a pop up style.

Well if you want to see the phone in action you are in luck. A YouTuber named Mrwhoestheboss got a chance to try the new Vivo NEX 3. The video is linked below. In this video Arun takes photos with the NEX 3 in various parts of London and also does 5G speed tests.

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