Minecraft is getting Ray Tracing for Nvidia RTX graphic cards.

The 2019 Gamescom is currently going on in Cologne,Germany. Well a lot of interesting games are getting announced like Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. A surprising announcement came from Microsoft and Nvidia with the support for Ray Tracing in Minecraft. On it's 10 year anniversary Minecraft became the most sold video game of all time. Ray Tracing is a technology which tracks the path of light rays in game and gives more realistic lighting effect and simulates the real life environment. The Ray Tracing is currently only available in Nvidia's RTX series of graphic cards. These are the first series of consumer grade graphic cards that supports the new Ray Tracing Technology.The official Minecraft twitter handle also tweeted this out.

The graphical improvement are definitely significant but these features will only be available for the Windows 10 version and if you have one of the Ray Tracing Cards starting from the RTX 2060. Well we will need to wait and watch if RTX is the future of gaming. But Nvidia is really pushing this and it is rumored that the next generation of consoles will also be equipped with Ray Tracing. Here is a video of Minecraft Ray Tracing in action.

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