Android is getting a rebrand!!

As the latest news suggests android is getting a re-brand but there is nothing to worry about. Android will still be called android and is basically the same thing with some minor changes. First of all the logo has changes from the android robot to only the head of the robot. This makes the logo smaller and now the android branding will be accompanied by the logo rather than just the text.

Google has also introduced a new colour palet which will be used throughout the OS. An important part of the change is the colour of logo. The android logo was Forest geen but now Google has added some blue to it. The logo itself has had changes from the antenna moving by 1° and the eyes of the robot moves down a little. The android font has also had a slight curve on the bottom side.

The most important change is to the naming scheme of android. With every version of android there was anticipation to what will be the next android be called but that's all changing. The next android version android Q is officially called android 10 as it's the 10th version lauched. The good part is that the versions will be given code names internally so the real geek would get to know.

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