Wondering what cloud computing is..? Well you are in the right place.This article will explain all about cloud computing and the future it holds to change data migration.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the transmission of various resources like database, media files, software through the internet rather than any physical storage device. For example: when you are browsing through documents and media files in your Google drive or iCloud you are using cloud computing. These files are not store on your device but are store on cloud servers which you can access any time with the help of internet.

This way all documents and media files are stored in a server and you can access them at any time without having to carry a hard drive or any form of physical storage medium with you.

The Industry

The cloud computing industry has a lot of potential as amazon accounts 55% of their profits comes from their cloud computing  section known as Amazon Web Services(AWS). Many big companies  like spotify, reddit use Amazon Web Services. That's  the reason why every one in the tech industry  wants to get into cloud computing.

The Cloud-First phone

In 2016 Nextbit robin was released manufactured by Nextbit(now acquired by Razer Inc) as "Cloud-first" phone. This device had a 32GB storage and no microSD. The idea was that the files that are less used on the device to the cloud. Well the phone had many issues and was not successful.  We can say maybe it was a little ahead of its time. But this is the idea that many manufacturers are pushing for the use of cloud storage. Google does not have expandable storage for it's  Pixel devices and is pushing Google drive.

Cloud Gaming

Recently Google announced  it's cloud gaming service known as Stadia. It's  a subscription based service by which you will be able to stream games from Google's  servers to your laptop or PC. By doing this you don't  need to buy a $1000 gaming PC to play games at high resolution. Google claims that you can stram games at 4K resolution  at 60fps. There are other services like this and Sony and Microsoft  are also investing in cloud computing as they know consoles isn't  going to relevant  forever. They surely  don't  want to be the next BlockBuster of the gaming industry. The real problem here is latency  and internet speed but as time goes we can expect internet speed and coverage to improve.

Security and privacy

Storing all you private data on a cloud server will not be good in case of a data breach. You can not even trust the service providers as they can share your private information  with other third party sites. These problems can be solved by some user encryption  method which will encrypt  these files so that no one besides you can access these.

The Future

Cloud computing definitely has a lot of potential to change the way we store data. The privacy concerns and slow internet speed are what is keeping this from growing  faster. The day will come when you will not have any form of physical storage on your device and all will be operated on the cloud but who knows what future holds....
Rutvij Hadap

Tech enthusiast, trying my level best to make people understand today's technology in the easiest and the most appealing way possible.


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