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Hello guys in this post we will be discussing about what's click farming, how does it work, is it illegal, and how to give a jump start to your online business and make it to reach maximum people in order for growth. So let's begin....

  • What is CLICK FARMING ?

A click farm is a business that pays employees to click on website pages or certain links in order to artificially boost the status of a client's website or a product.

Click farms are usually based in developing countries, where wages are extremely low by Western standards. Workers typically make a dollar or two per thousand clicks, perhaps as little as $120 a year.

Click farming is extremely common on Facebook, where the clicks are often to the site's Like button. Page owners can buy Likes directly from click farm operators -- many of whom have Facebook pages -- or they can increase the number of Likes their pages get by paying for ads.

When Likes are purchased directly, a large number of click farm workers are told to click the Like button for the page. When the page owner purchases an ad to promote the page, the ad appears on other people's pages. Click farm workers also click such links as a normal part of their jobs so that their targeted clicking for purchased Likes is less easily tracked.

  • Is CLICK FARMING illegal??

Now after knowing about click farming and how it works. The next question that comes to our mind is "Weather it is illegal" or not. Well now in some countries it isn't based on the reason you are doing it for. At least in India click farming is not yet illegal. Now again it is based on what purpose you are using it. If you're creating false impression of a product or using click farm to get views for ads and earn money then it could be illegal if caught. But again I won't speak much on this topic as different countries have different rules in cyber security.

  • How and where can we get these services?

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